pac·i·fist a…


adjective \ˈpa-sə-fist\

1: of, relating to, or characteristic of pacifism or pacifists
2: strongly and actively opposed to conflict and especially war

Being a Peace and Conflict Studies major, there are certain assumptions that are made of me. One of which is that I’m a pacifist, leftist hippie from Berkeley.

I believe that conflict is a necessary struggle to attain peace; however, it is true that I am ambivalent about the use of violence.

However, here’s the caveat: I am also a martial artist. Though artificial, violence is a part of my sport. Clearly, I’m not the atypical Berkeley hippie.

I wanted this space to be a place where I can document my life of balancing the simultaneity of my life as a human rights advocate and martial artist and everything else that I am in between.

Much love,
the pacifist fighter